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6 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

How to increase blog visitors easily - A blog, website and their site can live because of visitors or visitors to their blog. The internet world filled with hundreds of thousands of articles from thousands of websites makes rivals on the internet tighter and more difficult. Including in terms of bringing visitors / visitors to their own blog.
As a blogger, you do not lose the way. Because a lot of ways to get visitors can even improve your blog statistics up to 800% of the day usually. Here I have included a tutorial to increase blog lengunjung easily

1. Register blog on search engine (search engine)

First you must register your blog on search engines. Like google, bing, yahoo and so on. So that your blog can be indexed and can be found dimesin search earlier.

2. Diligent sharing and blogwallking

You should be diligent in sharing content both on friends and on others through social media. Social dimedia like facebook there are many groups that discuss about blogger. So here you can share your articles related to the type of group. In addition, here you can also visit each other between blogs with blogwalking.

3. Use an interesting title

I myself am also less clever in the selection of content titles or blog articles. But from the survey I did, that the title of the article that attract attention that will get more attention from the reader. It's like using a unique and new heading. In addition, the use of titles can emphasize the addition of numbers that will make people's eyes will be on the article.

4. Advertise

One surefire way to get blog visitors is by promoting your blog. To advertise may cost money, but it is very promising. To advertise your site's blog, you can use other people's websites that accept advertising services on its website. Or you can use promotional services provided by some social media like facebook, twitter and so on

5. Use web excange

This is a powerful stance bloggers can increase blog visitors up to 1000% of the day usually. Web excange is a site that gives visitors free of charge to you. Visitors / visitors real / original people come from different countries. There are also paid excange sites with different advantages.

6. Web / blog jinglink

Jinglink already very famous bloggers. Blog jinglink is a blog that will provide trafick to your site instans can even reach tens of thousands.namun unfortunately trafick is riberikan robot which means not human but only program that open your blog / your site many times. Common web jingling is also referred to as auto visitor. You can use web jinglink as necessary. Do not be too much because it can affect the quality of your blog SEO

So many times this discussion about tips to increase blog visitors easily. Do not forget to share and leave your comment below. Or you can provide additional or own input.

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