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easy way to download youtube video easily and quickly without software

easy way to download youtube videos easily and quickly without software, youtube is a website that is managed by google as the most popular video sharing sites today. Just imagine, within a month more than 1 billion new video downloads on youtube.

This makes it even more popular, let alone give youtube free service to its users to share their videos for free without paying at all.

Lots of videos you can enjoy on youtube, from education to more than that. But the limitations are not many who know how to download and save the youtube video and then can be watched without having to connect to the internet (offline). So how to download it? If you have to use certain video download software may be a bit difficult, therefore we will give you a little tutorial about downloading youtube videos for free without using software.

To download or download youtube vidio is very easy. Follow these steps to complete your download.

1. Open the youtube video you want to download / download, once open. Then copy the Video URL Link in the address bar. Like the picture
2. Then paste the URL that has been copied earlier in the column below, then click the "Download"
3. Then you will be directed to a new tab that is to savefrom.net website, Wait a while then will appear download link under download button. Click the video format you want to download as shown in the picture below.

After that video from youtube will be downloaded. After that video will be stored on your computer or laptop. You can also re-download other videos through the form above. May be useful.

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