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Function and usefulness of blog - learn to write with blog

Blogging or web blogs are no strangers dilakalangan internet users. Blog is a medium to publish writings diinternet, be it writing, video or pictures and so forth.

Improved search on google with the keyword "How to create a blog" into a proof that many people who are interested in this blog or want to manage a site yourself.

But what exactly is the main function of blogs for bloggers? Lots of functions and usefulness of blogs that can be taken. Like the following

1. As a means to learn

No doubt, the internet contains so many millions of new information that even it is something new for us. This is not loosely related to the web, sites and blogs that are as a medium for disseminating information. Starting from school lessons even tutorials and other interesting things you can easily access on the internet in various types of blogs and sites

2. Learn to write

Especially for someone who has a hobby in writing an article, blogging is a very suitable means to make writing skills better. By following and managing blogs, then you will get used to devote thoughts through writing and words. In addition, with a lot of groups or organization of bloggers there we can get various information and new tips on how to write well and correctly

3. Increase followers

In addition you can also multiply followers who follow you. the more people who are interested in your blog the more likely that person will follow you

4. Earning (money)

This is the most important part, blogging was able to get pocket money. Certainly not as easy as you we, you may not be able to get money from blogs without the hard work, because in the internet world especially blogs also need hard work and great outpouring of thought

Well so that's a bit of discussion about what functions and usefulness of blogs for bloggers, and hopefully can be useful.

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