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How To Add Google Translate Widget To Your Site or Blogs

Google translate is quite important for your blog. Where, he allows to make people from other countries with different languages of content you can read them according to their own language. automatically your blog posts will be changed by google translate.

This is very interesting, you can get visitors from various countries that would be a boon for your website.

Another advantage of installing google translate widget in addition to increasing the number of readers of your blog, also can others enjoy it well. Easy to use and apply to your site.

Then how to install a translation gadget into your site or blog that you manage? Please follow the short tutorial below

1. Enter your email first before the next steps
2. Open this link in news tab on your browser click this link

Step One
3. After that, click button "Add to your website now" 
Steps Two

4. Enter your website URL and Click "Next"

Steps Three

Steps Four
5. Set the widget view you want, and click "Get code" Then Copy all code in the box

Installation step into your site

1. Open your site dasboard > Click "Layout" > Add a gadget > HTML/JavaScript > And then paste the code and click Save
Finished Steps
2. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the translation widget into your blogs.

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